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May 9, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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      A church unified in its purpose of glorifying God and engaging in the work of bringing others to a relationship with Jesus becomes an unstoppable force. When Jesus asked His Disciples who He was, Peter made that great confession of Jesus as the Messiah. I have always loved Jesus’ answer. Not the part about Peter being the rock and his confession; the foundation upon which the Church is built. No, what I love most is where Jesus tells Peter that not even the gates of Hell can stand against the Church. The gates of a city are defensive structures. That tells me that Jesus was calling the Church to go on the offensive. We are to storm the gates of Hell knowing our enemy cannot stand against us when the Church is unified in its mission. Let’s get ready to storm those gates!

      Memorial Day weekend is usually a chance to get away for a weekend. This year, that day will hopefully mark a very different kind of memory for FBC Sanger. The Music Search Committee presented some basic biographical information on their candidate for our Music Minister position. From an informal survey we took Sunday, it looks like we will have enough musicians and singers to give our candidate a good supporting cast. Over the next couple of weeks, the Search Committee will finalize details for that weekend, giving you opportunities to meet the candidate and for him to lead us into God’s presence on Sunday morning. Make sure you are here to be part of making this decision.


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