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April 18, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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      Our Experiencing God study will be finishing soon. Have you been encouraged and challenged by this study? God has been impressing on me the need to keep my spiritual eyes open to see where He is working so I can join Him in that work. Over the last week, the emphasis has been on the church. The church is the vehicle God chose to bring His message of hope and salvation to the world. I am excited to be part of FBC Sanger and see God use this family to share that story with the people of Sanger. Let’s do our part of God’s plan.

       Keep praying for the Music Minister Search Committee. They are working hard and narrowing down the candidates. As they continue their work, we need to make sure and say thank you to Ty Flippin and the worship team leading us each Sunday. This team puts in great work each week leading us to the throne of mercy. Make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their work. Our next Music Minister will have a great group of dedicated musicians on which to build. Worship team, thank you!

      This week, the Youth Ministry of FBC Sanger is hosting a Parent Conference. I am excited to be part of this event. I am looking forward to helping teach a session as well as participating with other parents to learn ways to be a better father. Thank you, Ryan, for putting this together.


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