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November 9, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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      This past Sunday evil reared its ugly head once again in our country. While many will immediately begin arguing about gun control, I believe this is the wrong discussion. We need to take a long serious look at our spiritual state as a nation. Violence, whether using a gun, bombs, knives or fists, comes from a depraved heart. We are seeing the fruit of generations living under laws and cultural norms that devalue human life. Children are taught life is simply a biological fluke of nature, babies are considered expendable before they are born and violence in music, movies and video games is glorified. Our nation has taught generations we are no different than animals and then we are shocked when individuals behave like animals.

     The answer to our violence problem in America is turning to God. We must pray for the victims of this horrific act. We must pray for those who feel compelled to engage in such horrific acts. We must pray for those who feel so hopeless and lost they are willing to turn to violence. As followers of Jesus, we must focus on sharing the message of hope Jesus gives. Now is not the time to withdraw from society. Now is the time to march into the spiritual war already taking place all around us. Put on the Armor of God and fight the enemy of our souls.

     Some of you may be wondering if coming to church is safe. While we cannot absolutely guarantee complete safety in our building, I want to assure you that FBC Sanger has a plan in place for security. As a church, we are blessed to have numerous trained individuals in attendance each week. These individuals are aware of the other trained personnel and the general location they sit during worship. If we, as a church, ever face an armed intruder, we would simply ask those of us not trained to get to a safe location: a locked room or as low as possible. This will allow those trained to handle this type of situation to resolve the situation quickly.

     Pray for our church, our city, state and nation. That is the first and most important step we can take!


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