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October 18, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     This Sunday morning, we will ask everyone attending One Worship to fill out a quick Snapshot Survey. This survey will assist us in examining who makes up FBC Sanger. I call it a Snapshot Survey because it will give us a one Sunday morning look at who we are. Over the coming years, we will take this same survey on the 3rd Sunday of October. Through the years it will help us get a picture of how we have changed over the course of time. For this year it will help us look at our church in comparison to the community. The important factors of this survey will assist in looking at socio-economic factors related to FBC Sanger. This survey is anonymous and we will make sure that in recording the data that no attempt is made to discern any information on specific families or individuals. I would ask that every person attending One Worship next Sunday take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey.

     As we talk about reaching our community I want to encourage each of us to consider what part we can play in reaching the people of Sanger. On October 29, we host our annual Fall Festival. This event grew from a small number of families hosting a Trunk or Treat to an event bringing over 500 people to our building last year. Make your plans to be part of helping make this year’s event even bigger.

     One last item I need to bring up. We started the process of forming a Vision Team before Andy resigned as our Music Minister. At that time, we put the Vision Team process on hold. I, and the Pastoral Staff along with our Chairman of Deacons, feel we need to get the Vision Team process moving again. We have a Family Forum scheduled for November 12 to discuss this and other items including the 2018 Church Budget. Since the Vision Process was previously voted on by the church we will not hold another vote to re-start the process unless the Family Forum points to a need to do so. Once the process begins again, the Committee on Committees will nominate four members of the church to participate. The church will be asked to vote on those four members gathered from previous nominations.


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