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October 11, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Finishing the series on Community@Church by celebrating the Lord’s Supper was a moving experience. Watching during the invitation time as our Deacons knelt in prayer with members of our church drove home to me the point of that entire series. We are to help bear each other’s burdens as Ryan spoke about a few weeks ago. Our Deacons showed us one way that happens.

     This Sunday, I will begin a three-week series looking at Scripture and demographics of our local community. We will be asking ourselves what the community of Sanger looks like and what we can do to reach Sanger. Looking over recent demographics surprised me immensely. This community showed itself to be very different from what I expected. Reaching the people of Sanger is the job God has given to FBC Sanger. We are not in competition with other churches in our community that preach the Gospel. We are in competition with the Enemy who wants to keep people blinded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     As part of this series, we will be asking those in our morning worship service on October 22 to take a “Snapshot Survey.”  As the name implies, this survey will give us a one-day look at who makes up FBC Sanger. The survey will be in the Bulletin. The information gathered from this survey will assist us in examining who we are right now. In coming years, we will take this same survey on the third Sunday of October. Doing this will help us gain understanding of how we have changed over the years. We will ask everyone attending worship that morning to take the survey. This survey will be anonymous. Please do not add your name to the survey. The survey will be tabulated in such a way as to not give the ability to guess who took any individual survey. If you have questions, please give me a call so I can help you understand the reasons to take time to fill this out.


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