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February 2, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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What a day! No, make that WHAT A WEEK!

It started Monday evening when a group of over 20 men from FBC Sanger gathered with 400 men at FBC Decatur to hear from God. God used that gathering to pull one of our men to Himself. From there, the youth took over for the weekend with D-Now. God spoke powerfully to our students through many adults who volunteered their time, talents and treasure to invest in eternity this weekend. That sounds suspiciously like something we have been studying the last few weeks.

Be in prayer for our team going to Honduras this week. With everything happening this Sunday, I made the mistake of not calling the church to prayer for this team. So this Wednesday evening at 6 PM, we will take some extra time to pray for the team during our regular Prayer Meeting in the Fellowship Hall. The team will be leaving the next day and will not be able to meet with us due to responsibilities during that hour, but we will spend time praying for them. Then we need to keep them in our prayers through February 8 as they return.

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