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November 14, 2016 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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I want to talk about the 15 most important minutes of every Sunday at FBC Sanger. Those 15 minutes are not during either worship services. They are from 10:05 to 10:20. Our first group of Connect Bible Study groups should be finished and moving out of their rooms, and the first Worship Service should be finished and leaving the Worship Center. We need to meet together during these 15 minutes and fellowship in the foyer. Please take the time to meet and greet both our members and guests as you drink some coffee and grab a donut hole. This past Sunday morning I was encouraged to catch a group of youth and seniors from our church talking, laughing and smiling as they shared a few minutes together. Watching their interaction, I saw our future as One Church meeting at 2 times yet still ONE CHURCH.

We made some hard decisions based on the need to provide additional space for our groups to grow. These changes have been good and challenging. Everyone in this church experienced changes to our routine, but those changes are to provide space for growth. Over the next month, we will see many guests attending, many as a result of the Fall Festival. Let’s make sure we welcome them with open arms.

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