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October 6, 2016 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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Throughout the month of October, if you listen to Christian radio, you will hear about “Pastor Appreciation Month.” I want to make sure that during this month, you take time to appreciate your Pastoral Staff, not just me as the Senior Pastor. FBC Sanger is extremely blessed with an amazing staff. John Guerra and Ryan Dunn are two of the best men and pastors I have worked with on staff. These two men serve our church with love and diligence. They give themselves to this church with whole hearted devotion. Make sure you tell them how much we appreciate their service.

Another man serves us at FBC Sanger, Ty Flippin. While not “officially” on staff in a permanent position, he gives more than I hoped when we asked him to lead our worship teams during this transition time. Ty develops our order of service, in consultation with the Pastoral Staff, works with the choir and worship band, helps with the youth praise band, and does all of this with passion. We are truly blessed to have someone within our congregation who can lead two very diverse styles of worship and do so with excellence. On Sunday, make sure to tell Ty how much we appreciate his hard work developing the worship music here at FBC Sanger.

Coming to Sanger one year ago, I hoped to develop good positive relationships with the Pastoral Staff. That hope has been surpassed in ways I could only dream. These men are more than co-workers, they are friends and fellow servants of Jesus. Your staff has one goal and works in one direction. Let’s make sure these men feel our love and appreciation for all they do.

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