Come Back To The Light

November 16, 2017 | by: John Guerra | 0 comments

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Two little boys were known troublemakers, stealing everything they could get their hands on, even from the church. One day a priest stopped one of the boys and asked, "Where is God?" The boy shrugged and the priest repeated, "Where is God?" The boy ran out of the cathedral crying to his home where he hid in a closet. Eventually his brother found him and asked, "What's wrong?" The crying boy replied, "We're in trouble now! God is missing and they think we took him!"

 “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”  Psalm 27:1

 When you’re in dark water, you kind of jump when something touches you toes. When you’re walking in a dark building, like an old church, every creak or little sound makes your imagination go wild. Walking in the woods at night makes you see something behind every tree. Clear water, a lighted building, and a sunny day can bring comfort, confidence, and courage.

 “The Lord is my light.” The Lord is our Hope in a world of darkness.  When we’re overwhelmed by negativity and we feel isolated, unloved, and berated, He is our Light. He reminds us that He is present when He pushes back the darkness. When the world has rejected you, He reminds us of His love because He is our Light. When we seem to be in a hopeless situation, He reminds us that He is our Hope and His grace is sufficient for whatever challenge we face. When we’re not sure what to do or where to turn, He calms us with His presence and leads us to Himself because He is our Light.

 He is our salvation!  He has rescued us out of the darkness and brought us into the light! The Lord is the strength of my life! Some trust in their wealth, or their jobs, their physical strength, their power, their looks, and their works, but sadly, none of those strengths are strong enough to save them or sustain them and make them spiritually fulfilled. The Lord is our strength and He is all-powerful, while those other strengths grow weak.  He is eternal, when those other strengths die. He has defeated death and sin and He is our strength with His resurrection power! So, trust Him, not your good efforts or your good intentions. Follow Him, because there is nothing to fear when He is your strength. Obey Him, because His Word and His ways are perfect. God is not missing, if anything, we are. Come back to the Light for the glory of God.


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